Our Story

The story began back when I was struggling with my fertility at the age of 19. I had a growth on my ovaries and severe PCOS. It was not the life I wanted for myself. So after contemplating the western pharmaceutical route and knowing that it would hinder rather than improve my wellbeing, I turned to a more traditional and natural approach to healing my body.
Throughout this journey, I discovered the magical powers of herbal medicine and what it could do for my body, mind and soul. I went on to study nutrition and western herbal therapeutics.
After falling pregnant with my son, I decided that clinic work would require a lot of time away from him but I still wanted to share my love and passion for herbal medicine in a way that was unique to me.
The way to my heart and soul is a warm cup of herbal tisane (ti-sane : infusion of herbs used for medicinal purpose). There’s just no other feeling like it.

And so DAVĀ was created, to help heal and warm the souls of every man, woman and child that sips on one of our blends.

At DAVĀ by Nature, our vision is to motivate, educate and equip you with the knowledge of a herbalist from the comfort of your couch. We teach you how each ingredient can contribute to their health and vitality by providing simple, easy to follow education cards along side your purchase. 

The name DAVĀ translates to “medicine” in Hindi. Our brand essentially promotes our medicine comes from nature, not a lab. Nature gives us all we ever need.

Infuse your life...