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Elderberry Syrup Kit

Elderberry Syrup Kit

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Hello dear friend,

Are you ready to embrace the power of nature and create your very own Elderberry Syrup? Our DIY kit contains everything you need to craft a delicious and nourishing syrup that supports your well-being and celebrates the beauty of the season.

In our kit, you'll find:

  • Organic dried elderberries: These delightful berries are a rich source of beneficial vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, A, and potassium. They are an excellent way to bolster your immune system and bring a touch of natural sweetness to your syrup.

  • Cinnamon sticks: Our high-quality cinnamon sticks bring a warm and comforting aroma to your syrup while offering valuable nutrients such as manganese and calcium. Cinnamon is also believed to help with managing blood sugar levels and reducing inflammation.

  • Ginger root: Our organic ginger root adds a delightful spice to your syrup while bringing a wealth of benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, support for healthy digestion, and natural energy-boosting qualities.

Our DIY kit includes detailed instructions that guide you through the process of creating your own elderberry syrup. You'll feel a sense of empowerment and joy as you mix and measure, steep and simmer, knowing that you are creating something that is both delicious and nourishing.

Not only is our Elderberry Syrup DIY kit an excellent way to boost your own immunity and well-being, but it also makes a thoughtful and personalized gift for loved ones. Share the joy of crafting and the beauty of nature with those you treasure.

Thank you for choosing DAVĀ by Nature as your partner in celebrating the natural beauty of herbs and the joy of creating something from scratch.

With love and gratitude,
DAVĀ by Nature

This kit includes the herbal ingredients used to create approximately 600ml of elderberry syrup. 

INGREDIENTS: Dried Elderberries* Ginger Root* Cinnamon Quill*

*denotes certified organic ingredients

*Please Note - you will need to add raw honey, molasses, date syrup or maple syrup to complete this recipe.


Disclaimer | This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always contact your healthcare professional before taking this blend as some ingredients may contraindicate certain medications.

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